In larger retail environments, it’s difficult to imagine keeping track of stock for thousand of items, not to mention the prices of all these items. In a retail environment, if management want to change the price of an item or run a special offer this can be done very easily using EPoS and getting data on how these changes impact sales can also be easily obtained. While it easy to dwell on the front line advantages at the point of sale, the data being recorded by the systems is of great value to management. Accurate sales reporting is vital for management, similarly the ability to have constantly updated inventory and customer data is useful for both accounting, marketing and sales purposes.

SBC supplies a wide range of white and colour wash plain labels for thermal transfer or direct thermal imaging. If your business requires high-volume plain labels then we should be your first port of call. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our experts Sales Team or request a quotation. We pride ourselves on our reputation for outstanding service and provide all of our customers with free, no-obligation advice and guidance to ensure their business benefits from the right products at the right prices

SBC are able to offer the widest selection of thermal transfer ribbons at the same time as providing the most cost-effective prices for your business. With a vast array of black and colour compatible ribbons for the leading printer manufacturers to choose from and unrivalled support from our expert Sales Team, we ensure that ribbon selection for your machine is easy and hassle free. We can supply both branded products from the printer manufacturer as well as generic compatible ribbons from the worlds largest manufacturers.

Beautifully Printed Labels that do justice to your product are our speciality. Painstaking attention to detail, rigorous and effective quality control systems, and highly efficient, professional, and friendly customer service have become our standard. We provide you with the human touch. We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality product possible. Our dedicated and eagle-eyed manufacturers are highly trained label printing professionals, all of whom take enormous pride in their work. When quality is of paramount importance, companies place their trust in SBC, be them smaller businesses ‘around the corner’ or larger national chains.

SBC supply paper rolls for use in Point of Sale (POS), Cash Registers, Credit Card, Chip & Pin, ATMs, Kiosks, Fax, Telex and Adding Machines. One of the UK’s leading producers, we manufacture single and multiply rolls in plain format or printed in up to six colours. Our clients include OEM’s, Distributors, Multiple Retailers and Outsourcing Providers.

Card issuers need to produce colorful, attractive, highly personalized cards. SBC understands card issuance needs and our mono print ribbons and process print ribbons are designed to deliver the results you require with exceptional image quality, consistency and color. We offer conventional color choices along with metallics. Custom pre-printed cards are also available that can then be overprinted as required with user specific or variable data.

A critical element of all issuance programs is ensuring the right choice of supplies. Financial institutions, governments, retailers, schools and other issuers depend on high-quality supplies to deliver superior output and optimize system performance.

Wristbands for Hospitality & Events

Eliminate costly and wasteful pre-printing of tickets and wristbands by deploying on demand production techniques with Zebra’s range wristband products.

Wristbands for Healthcare

It goes without saying that hospitals should be as safe and error-free as we can possibly make them. One of the major causes of of error is the failure of accurate patient identification. Quality, comfortable patient wristbands, clear electronic  printing and user-friendly software bring together solutions which take a big leap forward in safety. Electronic bar code technology provides a greater volume of key data at the bedside. SRS supplies wristbands for all printers that meet these requirements.

Wristbands for Education

Whilst we most readily associate wristbands with hospitals or concerts, they are a simple, cost-effective means of identifying pupils on school outings. They make it easy for pupils to be accounted for and for lost children to be returned to their group as quickly as possible. Wristbands are the obvious choice for any school trip. Zebra’s wristband solution offers a quick and intelligent method of identifying each pupil. Individual wristbands can be printed with important information relevant to each child (such as their ID and any allergy information) and the staff contact telephone number. With excellent print quality and durability, the wristbands start protecting pupils the moment they put them on.

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